Friday, May 13, 2011

Makin' the Switch

This little change has been nagging me for quite some time but I finally did it and boy was it easy!! If I'd have known it would be this simple I would have done it long ago.

I apologize in advance to my "followers" for changing my place but I would greatly appreciate it if you would keep following me at Everything will be pretty much the same just under a new url that makes more sense.

So goodbye Wall-E's Repository and hello Vintage Scapes!


  1. Did you change names and import to the new name? And if you did, HOW?! Were you able to direct the people following you to the new site? I hate my name (omg I really hate it!) I have a new blog set up but dang it I worked hard for the nineteen followers I have (that sounds so pitiful!:)) Anywhoozle your blog is beautiful! Nice clean lines.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment!

    As for the logistics of switching your url, its not going to be pleasant. I checked to make sure the new name that I wanted wasn't taken and then I just added it to my current account. Importing your posts and comments is easy with blogger. (just go to settings->export blog->save on your computer->settings (new blog)->import. However, you cannot import your followers. At least not to my knowledge, and I've looked around! Bummer, I know! What has been recommended is that you make a post in your old blog containing the url to your new one and hope that your followers like you enough to follow your new one. Sadly I am now down to 1 follower and I am left wondering about when to shut the old one down.

    I decided to make the switch now because I didn't have many followers (19 sounds greats to me!). I figured it would be best to make the change before I get any more dedicated to the blog. I know that in the long-term it will be better. I guess it just depends on what you ultimately want the blog to do.

    I hope that helped! If not you can just shoot me some more questions. :)